colin farrell

i was just watching colin farrell on jay leno. he looks like brad. if you took a quick glance, you'd swear it was willy pitt himself.

just look REALLY quickly. tyler durden much?
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Hello all, I just joined the group today and I thought I'd introduce myself and all that lovely stuff. I've recently gotten into a bit of a group joining craze since I am bored lately, heh, but I've been a fan of Brad since- you know I can hardly even remember, hmmm. Since Interview With the Vampire first came out, I think. Even though I was only around 12 years old or so at the time and didn't see all of the movie until recently, I've seen every movie of his since. He's just such an amazing and versatile actor, not to mention mindnumbingly sexy, but that's pretty much a given here, eh?

Hmm what other introduction type stuff to cover...well I think my favorite Brad movies are Fight Club, Interview, Seven, and The Mexican. I'm really pleased with his turn to lighter films lately, not because he wasn't amazing in the horribly depressing ones, but he just seems to really shine in comedies, doesn't he? In all the roles I've seen him in since he's been married, he just seems positively glowing. So, as much as I envy dear Mrs. Aniston, I have to admit they're darling together.

Well that's all I can think of to say for now. It's nice to meet you all :-)
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i just saw a pringles commercial, and guess who was in it.... tick tock, tick tock... BRAD PITT! and he was a shirtless teeni-boppin' california surfer! sooooooooooo cute!
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Hey, sorry for the shameless self-promotion, but I just inherited another Brad Pitt Community that has been around for a while, but it has been horribly neglected and needs new members!! So if you all want to join another one then head on over and join bradpittfans!! Thanks a bunch!
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"welcome to whose line. the show where everything's made up and the points don't matter. that's right, the points don't matter, just like pick up lines to brad pitt!"- drew carey while introducing the show
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okay i just had to join.

because everybody loves brad pitt. I remember that I started to like him when I saw Seven. Then again I always thought he was hot before that, but everyone who knows me knows that heh, i'd do 'im. :P lmao. okay okay eh-hem anyway i'm glad to be apart of a community that loves brad so much! hey for a while there, I was really into Josh Hartnett. THAT BOY is pretty fine too. ;P but no brad. nut uh. he's way to fine right peoples?!

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