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Write to Ryan Seacrest

At the Golden Globes Angelina did not speak to Ryan Seacrest as much as Ryan wished. With this he went on air, with his radio station to tell the world how rude she was. I suspect she didn't wish to talk because of the fact her mother was not doing as well. As Angelina fans we should come together and tell Ryan what he said was rude, for he shouldn't have made such a story up just to start a feud so he could have more fame.

Brad tried to jump in so she didn't have to say much. I don't think Brad or Angie should have to defend themselves or their loved one. I think we should be the heard voice in this.

I wrote this following e-mail to him.

Dear Ryan,
I am an Angelina Jolie fan, and her mother has passed away this Saturday (January 27th). She has a strong bond with her mother, any fan or researcher would know this. Perhaps her life was a little high strung over this, and maybe that is why she did not wish to talk at the Golden Globes.

Anyone who has lost a loved one knows that it is always hard to even leave the house at times. When caring for someone that is dying of cancer it is heart breaking, each day is more traumatic, and so this rudeness that you suggest she gave you might have been due to this fact.

I think you owe it to her, and your conscience to apologize for what you have said. I find that you are trying to gain publicity over a fake feud, but at what price are you doing this? Are you happy and proud of yourself for making such talk? Are you selling yourself out for more fame? Brad Pitt spoke to you, answered your questions, so why is that not good enough?

Please do the right thing, and take it as she's having a stressful time in her life.

Elizabeth Savasta
New Boston, MI

Feel free to take this as an example and here is Ryan's e-mail : What he did was far ruder then what he claimed she did. Now on top of losing her mother she has to now defend herself against the media attacks on her character. Lets do the right thing and speak up on it.

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