Fan of Arod-ica (pureandromeda) wrote in bradpittrules,
Fan of Arod-ica

Brad taking it all off!

Wednesday September 4, 2002
NEWS FLASH! He's sporting the most talked about star beard since ZZ Top, Cousin It or The Werewolf . . . so wouldn't you love to actually own that grungy mess of ratty hair hanging off Brad Pitt's face?! Brace yourself, kids . . . this could be the most exciting news in celebrity memorabilia history: Brad will shave off the weird, shaggy-delic beard he's been sprouting for his upcoming sci-fi-er, "The Fountain" during a scene in the flick . . . and insiders are speculating he may AUCTION IT OFF to the highest bidder, with proceeds going to charity! (Wow, girls . . . imagine knitting Hunk Boy's whiskers into a warm, woolly scarf! Jennifer would be SO jealous!) Charities worldwide are hot to auction the high-profile beard . . . estimating its worth at hundred$$ of thousand$$! Brad's reps flatly deny it . . . but my spies are betting that after the star plucks the hairs from his chinny-chin-chin, he'll consider putting them on the auction block for charity . . . and your bidding pleasure! Talk about FUN! Hope it happens . . . and the opening bid from Mike Walker is . . . $1,000! . . . Going once . . . going twice . . . !

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