Fan of Arod-ica (pureandromeda) wrote in bradpittrules,
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what brad pitt character are you?

Er, congrats, you're Michael Sullivan from Sleepers. You were a juvenile delinquent, and you sure regret it now, dontcha? You're cunning, sleep deprived, and hungry for revenge. Oh yeah, and you're friends with gangsters! Cool.
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LoL I've been keeping an eye out for one of those, but I was hoping one would crop up with a wider selection of his characters. It's not like there's not that many roles to pick from or anything, heh.
i think it's like, only four. you have "interview w/ a vampire", "sleepers", "fight club", and "seven". if i knew how to make a test, i would, but eh, i'm not very computer literate.
Heh, me too, but I have no skill whatsoever in that area. *looks at the more talented members of the group with puppy eyes* ;-)